Why choose Renault SELECTION?

Certified Pre-Owned With Trust

only Renault used vehicles that meet our high standards qualify for Renault SELECTION certification. they must be less than five years old and have less than 80,000 kms on the odometer. they must have a clean, non-branded title and most importantly pass a comprehensive 145 point quality assurance inspection.

benefits of buying a Renault SELECTION include:

  • 145 point quality check
  • 1 year / 30,000 kms gold exclusive warranty
  • 24/7 roadside assistance

as with all vehicles retailed through the SELECTION programme, Renault vehicles sold at our showrooms are first subject to a thorough check for condition, mileage and service history to ensure their reliability. the vehicles undergo a comprehensive process of reconditioning and detailed quality checks by skilled technicians.

what is the Renault SELECTION programme?

the Renault SELECTION certified pre-owned programme mandates a comprehensive 145-point quality check, with each vehicle required to meet or exceed the 145 points in the stringent quality assurance inspection. these strict standards ensure that only the best vehicles receive the Renault SELECTION 100% seal of certification.

what vehicles are included in the SELECTION programme?

used vehicle models (up to five years old) and have 80,000 kilometres or less on the odometer and a clean title are included in the SELECTION programme.

what does the warranty cover?

all SELECTION vehicles come with warranties that combine to provide comprehensive coverage for a 12-month duration and 30,000-kms usage that includes in case of failure of all major components other than wear & tear parts, consumables. a detailed list of items not listed in the warranty cover can be obtained from the dealership.

what is checked in the 145 point quality check?

every certified pre-owned vehicle is required to undergo a rigorous 145-point inspection both mechanical and body administered by factory-trained technicians. the technicians ensure that everything from the drivetrain to the windshield wipers is in good working order or they recondition it to our exacting standards. the vehicles are road-tested, put up on a lift for a complete underbody and frame inspection and then checked for any cosmetic defects.

7 Reasons To Buy a Renault SELECTION

7 Reasons To Buy a Renault SELECTION

1.    from Arabian Automobiles
your Renault SELECTION car comes from the ISO 9001:2008 Certified Pre-Owned department of Arabian Automobiles, exclusive dealers in Dubai and the Northern Emirates. take your pick from 6 Certified Pre-Owned showrooms to find the Renault you’ve always wanted.
2.    Certified Pre-Owned with trust
all Renault SELECTION cars are less than five years old, with less than 80,000 km on the dashboard. additionally, each one has undergone a thorough 145-point quality assurance inspection.
3.    1 year/30,000 km gold exclusive warranty
when your Renault SELECTION car needs some care, our team of Renault-trained technicians are at your service. our authorised service centres use only genuine Renault parts, so your car goes back to running the way you want it to.


4.    24x7 roadside assistance
roadside assistance is provided 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. complimentary towing to the nearest Renault dealer is just a call away.
5.    20% discount on service
all cars sold under the Renault SELECTION program are entitled to a 20% discount on after-sales service.
6.    genuine parts
drive away in your desired Renault SELECTION model with 100% guaranteed genuine parts. just another testament to our commitment to quality, every time.
7.    loyalty program
be part of the Enrich club and we will delight you with the privilege of being a loyal customer. earn and spend points while shopping with us. exciting items and rewards are now a click away.